At Euro Style Design, we truly understand the importance of meeting the needs of each customer as we know that every clients needs differ from one another. That being said, we understand that not every client has the means to wait for a custom order, therefore we provide the solution to show them what items we have in stock to offer a chance to those that can not necessarily wait or that prefer to see the items before buying it. For our modern bedroom sets, we always offer the solution to sell our floor models if need be. We also sometimes have certain models in stock in our warehouse which could be interesting for those that want it to be brand new untouched, yet have the same feel as the one saw on the floor.

If the client does not have the means to wait to customize their order when it comes to their modern bedroom set, most of our modern beds on our floor are a standard queen size or king size, and most of them have the matching modern nightstands, modern dresser and a matching modern mirror for some of the on the floor items. We have different styles of modern bedroom sets from different companies and we are sure if you are not able to wait for a custom order that you will be able to find a modern bedroom set that you love on our floor at our modern furniture store in Montreal. 

Come visit us at Euro Style Design and one of our sales representatives will guide you through choosing your perfect modern bedroom set that will last you a lifetime of memories and good quality time.