Eurostyle offers you customizable European bedroom furniture in modern, contemporary and traditional styles imported from Italy and Spain.

You have the option to create a custom and unique modern bedroom with leather, hardwood and lacquer frame options. When it comes to our Deluxe Collection, remembering that “less is more” is important in creating your modern bedroom. All you need to design a modern bedroom is a modern bed with matching modern nightstands, dresser and mirror, and a beautiful modern light fixture. For those who prefer a more traditional bedroom, the classic European style furniture accomplishes just that. It is known for its intricate details, curved shapes, warm colors and large sizes. Eurostyle Modern Furniture store Montreal has classic European bedroom sets with a neo-baroque touch. The attention to curved detail, gold trimmings (or silver if preferred) and the large size of the pieces are homage to the baroque style which was a big mark in Europe’s classical history in interior design.


At Euro Style Montreal Furniture we offer a wide range of modern beds and modern bedroom groups that follows the latest fashion trends and technological solutions. Our Modern bedroom sets are manufactured by Garcia, Fenicia, Franco, and Dupen which are known internationally. The modern beds have been design with a minimalist idea and combined with different textures and materials. Bedrooms are our own private sanctuaries and should be treated that way. You should feel comfortable in your modern bedroom or traditional bedroom. At Eurostyle Modern Furniture store Montreal, you will find everything you need to make your bedroom into the sanctuary it deserves to be. Even if you have a small bedroom, a studio or even a loft, these European bedrooms or modern bedrooms will save you space. The options are endless to create your perfect modern bedroom from Eurostyle Furniture Montreal.


With optical illusions like floating beds and bold colors, these are art pieces on their own. In addition, the blend of high quality leather and shining chrome or solid wood creates unique and lasting looks for your modern bedroom set. This also allows the modern furniture contemporary design to be ever present, in your room. Choosing the best possible modern bed is essential towards having a good night sleep. At our modern furniture Montreal store we pride ourselves on having the best modern furniture design available. 


At Euro Style's modern furniture store in Montreal we have the right modern furniture design available for your needs. Eurostyle Furniture Montreal is dedicated to provide you with the very best quality modern furniture on the market. Eurostyle’s modern bedroom furniture sets are available in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa for “White-Glove Delivery” and can be shipped anywhere in North America. So don't wait any longer to purchase and try our amazing modern, traditional or European bedroom sets.