Delivery Services

EuroStyle Furniture store in Montreal is proud to offer free shipping to all major cities in Canada. This offer is valid for a minimum order of $ 3,500.00 and can not be combined with any other offer.

At Eurostyle Furniture store in Montreal, we know and understand that the delivery of your furniture is an essential part of your purchase and we guarantee you a first rate shopping experience by providing the best free delivery service. EuroStyle Furniture store in Montreal offers a professional and friendly service of free shipping.

What can I expect during delivery?

The EuroStyle delivery team in Montreal is made up of highly professional and well-equipped furniture technicians, who have extensive experience in the transportation of furniture and always provide superior customer service. The free shipping provided by Eurostyle Furniture store in Montreal is a standard ground delivery; meaning the furniture is delivered to the first level of the house or, in the multi-story building, or in your first level apartment. Package removal and assembly are not included in a standard free shipping service.

Please measure your doors to make sure your new furniture can get through during delivery. Please, notify Eurostyle about non-standard features in your home or building (examples: limited hours of access to your neighborhood, construction or freight elevator, limited access to your home by large trucks, etc.). In this case, Eurostyle could estimate the shipping cost in advance. In the case where Eurostyle Furniture has not been informed of non-standard features before free shipping, a fee will apply.

The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs. We will contact you by phone 1-2 days before free shipping to confirm the date and time frame. Deliveries will begin at 8:00 am and continue until all free deliveries scheduled for that day are complete. For orders placed by phone or email, an imprint of the credit card(s) used to place the order with a signature and a photo ID of the cardholder, may be required before free shipping.

A signature of a minimum of 18 years old is required on all free shipping orders, make sure you have a responsible person to accompany the shipping team to your house or apartment. Please facilitate delivery by moving furniture that may affect delivery efficiency, and aisles and sidewalks must be made accessible to accept your free delivery (for example, snow and ice must be removed).

Please take a moment at the time of your free delivery to carefully inspect all boxes received. You can refuse to accept any damaged box by making a notation on the reciept of delivery. All products we sell are produced with excellent quality control. In case you receive a defective item, please send us pictures clearly showing the defect with a written description so that we can help you to submit the request to the manufacturer. Eurostyle Furniture in Montreal will repair or replace the item. Eurostyle Furniture in Montreal always makes sure to provide a convenient, reliable and efficient service during free shipping.

We offer three delivery options:

1. FREE: This is a basic home delivery which means the customer unloads the goods. You are applicable for free delivery if: your order is over 3,500 and you do not have any other combined promotions. The customer is responsible for unloading their furniture from the truck and into their home and may need help from friends or family members to transport them indoors and help assemble items as needed. The delivery staff is not responsible for the disposal of all packaging, it is the responsibility of the customer.

 2. $75.00 - $125.00 Home Delivery: This home delivery includes Electric Lift Service. In this service, your furniture will be lowered to the ground level by the driver in order to move the boxes from the truck to your home. It is the customer's responsibility to bring the items inside and assemble them, if necessary, you may need help from friends or family members. The delivery staff is not responsible for the disposal of all packaging, it is the responsibility of the customer.

 3. $150.00 - $349.00 for Montreal + Surroundings: This delivery provides an internal placement service. This service includes the placement of your goods in the room of your choice by two deliverymen, but only allows them to carry your furniture up to two flights of stairs unless elevators are available. Each additional flight of stairs is an additional $35.00. Any existing furniture will not be moved by delivery employees, so please have your room ready and unobstructed. As for the assembly, you will be responsible if necessary.