Sofa Beds


One of the major advantages of a modern sofa bed is its multi-functionality and space-saving solution. When choosing a modern sofa bed, it's important to be proactive in the choice of the mechanism; this will help to ensure longevity. There are two main categories of modern sofa beds: The Pullout Sofa Bed and The Convertible Sofa.

Triple-folding Hide a Bed: usually the most sophisticated sofas in terms of design have this mechanism. The folded modern sofa bed itself is usually made of lightweight metal and located under the seats. In order to unfold this type of sofa bed, you must first remove the cushions, then pull out and unfold the mattress. The modern sofa beds with this mechanism are designed to be used more as a seating and occasionally – as a bed.

Double-folding Hide a Bed: similar to Triple-folding one, but the mechanism it is more solid. In most cases, this modern sofa bed does not require the removal of the cushions and it is suitable for regular use as a sleeping area.

The Foldout Sofa Bed: This modern sofa bed is the easiest way to transform into bed and it is especially designed for frequent use as a sleeper. In order to turn this couch into a bed, you need to just foldout or pullout the seating. This model has the highest reliability among all couch beds; it is also a compact sofa when folded and a large bed when unfolded. This modern sofa bed comes with a built in mattress and allow that sleeper a comfort identical to the one of a bed.

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