Accessorizing your modern space is necessary to complete any room. This will increase the statement of your style and stop your room from feeling empty and unfinished. Before shopping around for your modern extras, you should know the area in need of improvement and what your options are. Wall art and mirrors, a center piece, and a modern sculpture, can all augment the quality and warmth of your modern European inspired room and bring balance to the space.

Furniture accessories are very important details in the process of creating a unique modern European style. Eurostyle Furniture Montreal has a great selection of modern accessories made in Europe for your home. We have many different modern European wall art design options for your home. You can choose from our collection of over 250 different modern art models or you can order a specific design you have in mind from sheets of brushed steel, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze and/or chrome. Mirrors can also add beautiful detailing to your walls. Our modern mirrors are unique and art themselves with different shapes, sizes and materials. From modern simplicity to intricate futuristic detailing, to classic shapes and materials, our modern European selection varies to satisfy any trend.

A center piece, often seen in the form of a coffee table, unites the furniture pieces and brings focus to the middle of the room. With our modern European selection of coffee tables, you get practicality and style in one. Our wide range of tables comes in funky modern styles, with hidden storage, dividing parts, extendible and adjustable parts, or duo integrated tables.

We also offer a wide range of modern standing sculptures for indoor and outdoor spaces as well as handmade vases and decorative bowls from Poland. The blown glass, in multi-colour will match any colour palette or cast fun hues to neutral coloured spaces. These are impressive and beautiful and will definitely add a fun aspect to any modern room. No need for flowers, the colour and style of these unique vases decorates your room all alone. 

Along with these different modern pieces, Eurostyle Furniture Montreal offers a wide selection of practical accessories to help add function and order to your modern space. We have coat hangers, clothes stands, newspaper organizers and magazine holders, in dark or light wood or in chrome. Our modern selections are not only nice to look at but bring life to a space, not only turning your modern home into a beautiful and stylish place but also in a warm, livable one too.

Transform your simple home into an impressive modern space filled with unique modern accessories from Europe.