Modern Bed Collection


At Euro Style Design we have an endless amount of bed sets to choose from. Didn't find one you like in store? No problem! We have catalogs from companies such as fenicia, garcia, glicerio, franco to choose from that will surely meet your needs. Once you choose the model you like we have a 3D simulator for our Glicerio beds so you can see exactly what you will be buying with the exact finishes and size before you make that final desicion. 


For all our companies, we have samples of finishes in store that you can look at and touch so you know what you're going to be getting when you purchase with Euro Style Design. Is storage something you wish to have more of but simplky do not have the space for it? Are you constantly looking for better storage solutions because you have a small space or simply a lot of items to store away? Look no further, all Euro Style Designs beds can either be chosen with a simple bed base, or can be done with a bed base that has storage such as drawers or a lift. 

Drawers are an excellent opition when it comes to optimizing storage space. We can have to drawers on each side of the bed base where you can store away things that you do not use every day such as seasonal items. 

A lift is also an amazing option if you do not have enough space on the sides of your bed, you simply lift the mattress to reveal an amazing amount of storage room where you can store pillows blankets and more. Deciding whether you would like drawers or a lift depends on how much storage room you need. 

Murphy beds are also a great option amongst our modern bed collection. Many people love them and turn to them when they are tight on space. They create a very crisp and clean look while also providing great comfort and beauty. They are amazing for studio apartments where there is no private bedroom, because you can easily tuck away your bed when you have guests, and some murphy beds are so hidden that you would never know a bed pulls out.