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Sectional Sofas


Contact Eurostyle's Modern Furniture store  in Montreal for a personalized consultation today. Our interior designers will be able to give you the largest spectrum of choice on Modern European sofas and loveseats available all around Canada. Redesign your home space with our contemporary furniture and create exciting spaces.


Our custom modular modern furniture allows you to optimize your space. Our modular modern furniture come with finished sides so that you can separate the pieces and create any desired shapes you can imagine. Custom order contemporary furniture will make your living room more spacious by reducing clutter, which is often created when you try to fill in those unused corners with unnecessary pieces. You might even be able to use your existing furniture pieces with your new custom order furniture! Transform your modern indoor furniture into beautiful statement pieces with the ability to use them as contemporary outdoor furniture.


Your custom furniture can even serve as a guest sofa bed! At our Eurostyle contemporary furniture, we offer a variety of custom order furniture that can double as a sofa bed. In order to choose a configuration that best fits your needs, the first thing you must to do is measure your space and our interior designers will help you figure out the rest! 


If you want your space to be a place to lounge and relax; a low seating sectional sofa with deeper and wider seats as with our Modular Arianne Collection by Fama might be just what you are looking for! You can consider using two or more fabrics in your design; this is a current trend in high-end modern furniture.

At Eurostyle we can help you choose the right configuration based on your needs. Come visit us at our showroom in Montreal for a fresh new look!