Deluxe Bedrooms Collection


Our deluxe modern bedroom collections are unique and original, made in Spain, it is also entirely customizable. This means that you are able to choose the size of the unique and luxurious bed that you need, it could be made in Queen size or in King size. You are also able to choose a different style of headboard and frame for your modern deluxe bedroom set. Our headboards have various shapes and sizes, some are more classical, and others are more modern, they can all be made in different finishes, whether it is lacquer, high gloss, natural wood veneer, leather, or fabric, we have more than 30 different finishes for our modern luxurious beds. For every type of finish you can choose from a variety of colors to represent your deluxe bedroom set, our leather can be red or gold, the lacquers can be gold, blue or black, same goes for the high gloss finishes, as for the natural wood veneers you can choose from many different appearances such as walnut, cherry, wedge, or oak, in order to complement your bedroom with the ideal luxurious bed set. You are also able to select the type of luxurious bedframe that you need. It could be a floating platform, a box platform, a frame on legs, or a storage platform in which you would be able to conserve various items such as bedsheets and blankets.


We believe that offering our customers as many choices as we can, will allow them to get exactly what they want and have the perfect deluxe bedroom set in their home. Our deluxe bedroom collection is very special, it is hand made out high quality materials, by highly experienced professionals.  It follows that your luxurious bedroom set will be one of a kind, made meticulously, with your own personal imprint.  A very high level of attention is devoted to small details in our deluxe bedroom collection, such as the curvature of the headboard, and the legs, the intricate patterns on the headboard, or even the quality of the finishes. Walking out of our modern furniture store in Montreal, you will be sure of one thing that the luxurious bedroom set you have chosen,  is the one you always wanted, and the one that represents you the most.


If you have trouble choosing the right deluxe bedroom set, know that in our modern furniture store in Montreal, we have professional designers and customer service specialists, that have worked in the field for many years, and are able to help you with the difficult decisions you will be making. By bringing your dimensions to our European modern furniture store in Montreal, we will be able to help you select the right size of luxurious bed for your bedroom, as well as telling you how much room you have for night tables, and dressers. We would also be able to tell which finish on your deluxe bedroom set would better suit your bedroom, according to the color of your walls, the finishing of your floor, and perhaps any other accessories that you have in your modern luxurious bedroom. Most of all at our modern furniture store in Montreal we will be able to help you choose the deluxe bedroom set that represents your personality the most.