Kids Beds


When it comes to finding the perfect bedroom set for your children, our European and modern furniture store in Montreal, Euro Style Design, has it all. Euro Style Design that has modern and European furniture in Montreal is a company that specializes in unique children's furniture that are 100% customizable and you have lots of colors, shapes, styles and accessories that will go well together no matter what your first chosen items were to choose from.

Euro Style Design Furniture Montreal works with a Spanish company called Glicerio which has an incredible amount of customizable bedroom sets for your children of any age! Glicerio is a unique furniture manufacturer, they are the European leader in children's furniture, and every bedroom set that they offer is not only extremely high quality but also 100% adjustable to fit your own personal needs.


Any modification you would like to make to a Glicerio bedroom sets is possible. You can mix and match different bedroom sets for your children. We have over 1000 different variations for 100 different bedroom models, you can customize every aspect of every set, meaning it is modular. You can choose to change the size of each piece, make every piece a different color or shape and more. At Euro Style's Modern Furniture store Montreal we are sure you will not be disappointed with what you find, and our team of design experts will guide you through the entire process and help you to choose the best size, configuration and color options for your kids modern bedroom.

Come by Euro Style Design Furniture Montreal today to see all of your different choices when it comes to picking the perfect bedroom furniture for your children!