Changing the lighting of a room can completely transform its style to a modern style. The lighting system will set the mood of your room, whether it is your living room, dining room, bedroom or even bathroom. Modern European style and design can help personalize your living space by adding stylish elements, and elegant modern details.

Eurostyle furniture Montreal offers you a complete line of modern chandeliers, modern ceiling fixtures, modern floor lamps, modern table lamps, modern wall fixtures and modern sconces in matching modern contemporary design. Most of our modern European light fixtures are made in Asfour crystal, Swarovski crystal, in bohemia crystal, or in a blend of chrome and gold finish and crystal.

Our crystal models are all but ordinary. Although crystals have been used for many years in classical styles, our intricate shapes and colours transform this classical gem into a modern element. Dividing the simple light of the bulbs into a spontaneous rainbow of multicolored rays, crystal is definitely the best choice for luxury pendants when it comes to lighting fixtures. Eurostyle furniture accepts only the highest quality in materials which is the reason Asfour, Swarovski and bohemia crystals are used for our modern lighting pieces. Asfour crystals pride themselves in their precision cuts and luminance to bring customers unique style and brightness. Swarovski defines themselves as the premium brand of the finest crystals. Known around the world, the quality and look of their product is immediately recognized. Bohemia crystal, known for their more smooth finishes and colourful details, offers a unique modern style.

Chandeliers can be the primary light source of your modern European style room or can be a decorative addition. Traditionally as a dining room fixture, a modern chandelier can also be used in the hallway or entranceway, in the kitchen or, in some cases, in the bedroom. In the dining room, a chandelier will be placed centered to the table to have it be the focus of the room. In the hallway and entranceway, spaces that usually do not have many furniture pieces, a modern style chandelier will add dimension and style. In the kitchen, a few, smaller pendant light fixtures are perfect to place over an island or breakfast bar. Although not traditionally used, a modern way of lighting your bedroom is to use a complex ceiling light or even a modern hanging pendant if space permits it.  

Wall lights and sconces are definitely underrated. With our wide range of combining sets, you can match your modern European wall lights with your modern European chandelier. 

Modern floor and table lamps are practical in any room and often double as decorative sculptures with their detailed look. The chrome and gold finishes add a modern edge while blending perfectly with the shimmer of the crystals.

Eurostyle furniture Montreal also has a vast selection of special order lighting options for customers with very particular needs. We have a large catalogue of modern and/or contemporary design in European lighting fixtures and can be ordered in a variety of colors and shapes.