Adult Murphy Beds


Murphy beds are gaining popularity around the world. When you are a lot of people working with a small space, the modern Murphy bed is just what you need. They push into the wall when not in use and will give you the comfort of a complete, relaxing modern bed upon opening at the time of use.

At Euro Style Design, not only are our modern murphy beds extremely practical, they are also very customizable. Depending on your space, we will ensure one of our murphy beds will fit due to the flexibility our manufcaturers have when producing them. Your murphy bed needs to fit within a nook in the wall but has a gap on each side if centered? No problem, if you wish we can add a panel on the side to ensure there are no gaps and cleaning/maintenance will be easier than ever.

Murphy beds are an amazing practical solution for small studio apartments, small condos or even a home with not much space. They can even just be used for someone looking for a sleek modern look and a bed that they can tuck away while not in use.  

If you visit us at Euro Style Design you will see the amount of options you have when it comes to customizing your modern bedroom set with a murphy bed, we have different styles which open vertically or horizontally, different sizes and a wide range of different colors and wood finishes for your modern murphy bed. It is the best possible solution when it comes to saving space, you can choose to add shelvign inside your modern murphy bed which is hidden and tucked away when the bed is tucked away, therefore creating a clean and decluttered space.