Teenage Beds


If your child needs storage for his or her clothes, our modern furniture store in Montreal is the place to go. You have a couple of options to choose from, you can get a modern wardrobe with sliding doors to save space, you can get a modern teenage bed with drawers, or there are also teen beds that can have a storage platform in the base. Whatever your needs may be we have an endless amount of storage solutions for your child at our modern furniture store Montreal. If you visit us, one of our amazing sales representatives will guide you through the entire process and will help you decide which storage solution would be best for you.

Do not forget to choose the right modern desk and chair, a study area would be ideal for a teenager's bedroom. Despite the fact that technology is moving forward and that, today most of the work is done on laptops or computers; school lessons are still mostly done on paper, therefore it is necessary to choose a table that has enough space to fit a computer, and some extra notebooks, and that also fits nicely in your teens bedroom.  


The teenager must have his own working space in his teenage bedroom. You will need to equip it properly so that the teenager can spend a lot of time on his computer, or in his books without any harm to his health. It is very important to choose a durable a desk, and a height adjustable chair, which will encourage correct posture. Think about adding some shelves over the table, and filling them with books that your teenager will need the most, place the shelves within reach in the teenage bedroom. Also, do not forget that lighting is important, therefore the table should be placed near the window, and a table lamp should be added. Your teenager needs to feel comfortable in his teenage bedroom. 
Your bedroom is your sanctuary and therefore at our modern and European furniture store in Montreal, Euro Style Design, we want to provide the best quality products with long lasting durability and comfort. A place that is multifunctional where your child can sleep, study and relax in. That being said, one of our murphy bed sets can be ideal for this. Our bed sets can have a pull out murphy bed, with a modern desk, shelving, a led light and USB port, a closet attached and all this can be lined up against one wall to maximize the space in your modern bedroom.