Moving Services

Quality Furniture Moving services is an important aspect for every home owner and company. Choosing the furniture moving company for your needs is not as easy as you would like to imagine. EuroStyle Furniture Montreal offers a full range of services such as residential, commercial moving, packing, assembly and storage services.

EuroStyle Furniture Montreal's moving team is professionally trained to ensure prompt and stress-free relocation. We offer furniture moving services, which are reliable, efficient and reasonably priced. Moving with EuroStyle Furniture Montreal will also allow you to transfer the manufacturer's warranty to your new address.

How to Choose the Right furniture Movers

The movers have packed up the last of your furniture – that old rocker that’s been in the family for several generations, left in your capable hands – they’ve closed the freight doors and are about to leave with everything you own, when your stomach churns and for a fleeting moment you wonder if you’ll ever see that family heirloom again... EuroStyle Furniture Montreal knows that it is extremely important to do all you can to ensure your belongings are in the best hands. So, how do you choose a reliable moving company?

These are signs to look out for to know if the moving company is a rogue mover.EuroStyle Furniture Montreal offers the following tips:

  1. The mover doesn't offer or agree to see a copy of the insurance contract.
  2. The moving company demands cash or a large deposit before the move.
  3. When you call the mover, the telephone is answered with a generic "Movers" or "Moving company," rather than the company's name.
  4. Offices and warehouse are in poor condition or nonexistent.
  5. On moving day, a rental truck arrives rather than a company-owned and marked fleet truck.

Above all, make note of anything suspicious and take down the licence plate number of the truck.