Walk-In Closets


In a modern bedroom we have a modern bed, matching modern nightstands and often a modern dresser to accommodate the sometimes unlimited amount of clothing items a person can possess. What we do not always realize we need is a modern wardrobe and dressing room station because we often have a closet for this use, but not everyone does. That being said, at our European modern Furniture in Montreal Euro Style Design, we have modern wardrobes that can easily be fit in one corner of the room beside the matching modern bed you decide to get and it can serve as your closet.

We have extremely practical solutions for creating the best use out of your space and doing so efficiently. We have solutions where you can choose to have shelving in your modern wardrobe, drawers and even rods to hang your clothes and shoes. Some of our wardrobes even include a space in the middle so you truly make the most out of the space you have. Whatever it may be, at our modern furniture store in Montreal, we are sure we will be able to find what you are looking for.


Saving space is so important these days, that is why we sell modern wardrobes and modern dressing room sets with the most practical space saving solutions for you. Choose the colors, the shapes, the quantity, choose if you would like to have LED lights inside or without, choose your style, shape and choose what you would like it to have inside. From shoes saving space to the color combinations, everything is 100% customizable with lots of choices to accommodate your needs, preferences, taste, style and requirements for a dreamy modern wardrobe for a lifetime.