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Welcome to the online showroom of EuroStyle Furniture in Montreal, Quebec.

Here you will find carefully selected items produced by well-known manufacturers that are available for purchase in our store. At EuroStyle, we have been importing furniture from Europe for more than 10 years. We offer an exquisite selection, competitive prices and give superb customer service. Our goal is to discover the latest trends in home decor and provide our customers with a selection that offers the best quality for the price. We believe that the perfect look should always be accompanied by high quality and great comfort. We stand by everything we offer.

Browse our online catalogue for everything you need to create a perfect home. Our furniture is available in different colors and finishes. There are many different options available for the living room, dining room, and bedroom sets with a large range of customizable options.

We also have a vast collection of lighting - from crystal chandeliers and modern ceiling fixtures to original sconces and table lamps. Don’t forget about our accessories which include eye-catching paintings, unique wall art and handmade vases.

In order to fully appreciate our collection, please visit our store... We’d also be happy to answer your questions via phone, fax or email. Thank you for shopping EuroStyle Furniture & Enjoy our Blog!


Useful Information About Fabric Covered Sofas 
It is a difficult decision the one to choose the right modern sofa. In todays market we are usually faced with two options when buying our couch; the furniture piece is either covered in leather or it is covered in fabrics. The next logical step for any of us is to ponder the pros and cons of our imminent decision. In our furniture montreal store we offer both options to accomodate all the different needs a client might have.


First of all, the two types of modern sofas look different, so the first component of your decision should include what kind of look do you want in your modern living room. A leather couch will reflect more light and have that kind of shiny, glossy look to it giving an elegant look to your living room, whereas a fabric sofa will have a more warm look to it, it will feel more inviting to sit on it, for you, and your guests. In our furniture montreal store we do not believe that you can go wrong with the look category because it really depends, on what you prefer, and what kind of design you want in your modern living room. It is also esy to forget that both leather and fabric sofas come in a wide variety of colors, therefore color choice should not be a problem.

There is a common misconception that leather modern sofas are easier to clean than fabric ones. This misconception exists because this used to be true. Before if you would spill something on leather you had more chances of cleaning it off that your moder sofa was a fabric one. But today with modern technology you really cant go wrong with fabric couches. Especially when the manufacturer of the sofas used a aquaclean technologies to protect their sofas. This kind of protection does not allow any dirt to penetrate the fibres of your modern sofa, by covering every fabric with an invisble molecular layer. In our furniture montreal store we offer those kinds of fabrics. Therefore today fabric couches became as cleanable as leathr ones.

Pet Friendly
A lot of people own pets, and it is always a concern when they go out to buy a new modern sofa. With leather couches what happens is that not only is the material very vulnerable to scratches, but a sratch is also more visble on the texture of the leather. For fabric sofas what is being done now is the manufacturing of new pet friendly fabrics that have a protective coat that  prevents snagging with claws, and other thing such as your jeans. These fabric also use Safe Front a hygiene protector, that prevents the propagation of mites and bacteria in your house, and could potentially reduce allergic reactions. Most of us would therefore agree that this is a great material to have on our modern sofa. And once again we offer those kind of fabrics in our furniture montreal store.

As mentionned previously fabrics areusually more inviting to sit on than leather, I am sure that most of you have experienced the moment when you are looking at a leather modern sofa, and asking yourself whether you are allowed to sit on it. Recall now how those kind of moments do not occur as often when you are about to sit on a fabric couch. Leather is described usually as being hot and sticky in the summer, and cold in the winter. Fabrics allow you to feel cozy and comfortable, without becoming sticky, especially if you are someone who likes to sleep on your modern sofa, than stickiness of the leather must be really annoying. Velour types of fabrics are especially pleasnt to sit on as they are very soft. We offer more than 500 different types of fabrics in our furniture Montreal store


Fabric Sofas are Awesome
Hoping that now your decision will be easier if you ever hesitate buying a fabric sofa, here are a few concluding comments:

Always inform yourself about the type of fabric you are purchasing; Is it washable?

Try both types of sofas leather and fabric, you cannot decide if you did not try.

Pick what makes you feel comfortable.

Think about your pets when making your decision.

If you like a leather modern sofa as much as fabric one, pick the one that looks better in your home.

At our furniture Montreal store we will help and guide towards the right direction, by providing you with many different possibilities of modern sofas, and by asking you the right questions, so that you can make the right choices.

Euro Style in The Gazette 
There are many different kinds of modern furniture on the market, and you are probably asking yourself out of all the possibilities available to you which one should you choose. What kind of modern sofa should you choose, or what kind of modern bed should you pick. Choosing modern furniture can be tricky, but in today's market the right kind of furniture is the one you like the most There are many different kinds of modern furniture on the market, and you are probably asking yourself out of all the possibilities available to you which one should you choose. What kind of modern sofa should you choose, or


What kind of modern bed should you pick. Choosing modern furniture can be tricky, but in today's market the right kind of furniture is the one you like the most.Paint, furniture, even fixture companies, turn to technology to customize décor.

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives, including the way in which we decorate and design our homes. It began with paint companies introducing programs where homeowners could upload photos of a room and see any one of their hundreds of colours in that space. Looking for a new hue for your kitchen? Bring up a photo of your room and try it in yellow, blue, red, or more. Homeowners can create a configuration that is unique to their home and can see exactly what it will look like before buying it, taking the guesswork out of such pertinent details when buying. And now, furniture companies such as EuroStyle are also inviting their clients to design their own modular pieces in a 3D program, thereby allowing them to “build” a piece that is designed specifically to their needs and tastes.

“There are thousands of different configurations available, and obviously we cannot have each one in our store to show the client, so this is why we have 3D simulators to show the client what they will be ordering,” said Julie Labelle, an interior designer for EuroStyle. “A lot of people are very visual and need to be able to see the product before buying it. Having the option of a simulator allows us to do so. “Also, it is a very fast way to show clients different options of colours within minutes,” she said. “We have a virtual simulator for our children’s furniture, our custom sofas, our wall units and even some bedroom sets. “If we do not have a simulator, we draw it by hand. “Being visual is the best option for everyone. This is why we have designers, including myself, in the store to help with the design and can relate it to the client in a way the client can understand. “We can even go as far as placing the furniture in a simulation with their home in the background.”

Technology has simplified so many aspects of our daily lives. Now it’s making the design of a stylish, cohesive space all the more streamlined. From finding the perfect paint shade to creating one-of-a- kind faucets and modular furniture pieces, tech-savvy companies are ushering in a whole new way of approaching interior design. Technology allows would-be shoppers online to picture furniture for a room in different colours. The yellow highlights in this bunkbed/desk arrangement for a child’s room, for example, could be viewed in different colours, giving the buyer a clearer idea of how the room could look.




Modern Furniture Trends

There are many different kinds of modern furniture on the market, and you are probably asking yourself out of all the possibilities available to you which one should you choose. What kind of modern sofa should you choose, or what kind of modern bed should you pick. Choosing modern furniture can be tricky, but in today's market the right kind of furniture is the one you like the most.

If you are looking for a modern sofa for your living room and you want to know what the modern furniture trends on sofas are right now; you should know that right now it is very popular to purchase a custom made modern sofa. There is specifically a very good Spanish company which is called Famaliving Montreal which offers the possibility to their clients to get a unique kind of modern furniture. They give the possibility to their clients to pick the color, the configuration and the type of material that will cover the modern sofa they will pick. Read more...


LED Lighting

LED technology is becoming increasingly important in the concept of energy-efficient lighting. According to some experts, the majority of the currently known lighting technologies (incandescent, fluorescents, halogens, etc.) have already reached the limit of energy efficiency, while LEDs have enormous potential to reduce energy consumption for lighting.

LED bulbs are an ideal replacement for conventional halogen, or incandescent bulbs because we are able to use them in standard size caps. Their extremely high energy saving attributes allows us to create original colors at the lowest cost of electricity.

The rising price on electricity stimulates the creation of small energy-intensive lighting equipment. LED bulbs will reduce energy consumption by 2.5 times. The life span of an LED bulb is from 50 000 to 100 000 hours. During this time, you will replace your incandescent or halogen bulbs more than 100 times. The best part is that in only 5-18months you LED bulbs will pay back themselves, depending on how often and how you use them.


Living Room FurnitureModern Living Room Sectional

Nowadays,the modern furniture market has a great variety of products. Designers and manufacturers are tirelessly working to create new contemporary furniture pieces that gradually appear in every home. Giving doubtlessly rise to the following question: How to choose modern and contemporary furniture that not only satisfies your household needs, but is also beautiful and reliable.

Recall the last time you went to a modern furniture store, and remember how much variety there was; modern, contemporary, classic furniture all in the same place. This is without mentioning the impressive amount of variety within colors and materials; making your decision close to impossible. At least salesmen are there to help you, and guide you towards the right choice.

Our home is our fortress, but also a place of recreation, and relaxation to which we dream of getting back after work. Therefore when choosing modern, contemporary, or classic furniture we should pay attention to every detail of the piece. When you buy a  modern sofa, contemporary loveseat, chair or bed, you expect it to last for a lifetime. When buying, be sure to ask about the manufacturer, look at the quality, and texture of the material. In any type of contemporary furniture the finish is very important, therefore, you need to know the material from which it is made: Is it covered with an extra layer? Is it durable? Read more...


Design Counselling

Euro Style Furniture is a Montreal based modern furniture and lighting wholesaler and retailer. We represent numerous European companies in Canada exclusively, thus we understand how important “uniqueness” means for customers in search for modern and contemporary furniture. Fortunately, you are the one to know what they need, what they are looking for and we are the ones who can offer it. We would like to invite you to discover our website and to visit us in our showroom. We would be very happy to accommodate your needs based on your client’s requests for style and quality and give you the most competitive prices to win their appreciation and yours.

We understand the importance of your time when shopping for your clients, this is why we offer a special, designer-only commission. We would like to help you get that special something nobody has, be it Italian leather living room furniture, modern dining tables or sparkling crystal chandeliers, together with the best prices in the city. Come visit us at our store for more information about the products and the promotions we offer. Read more ...


About Crystals

History of crystal making

The history of crystal making starts back thousands of years ago when ancient societies started to melt sand to make glass in a way of replicating the appearance of natural crystals found in nature such as quartz and amethyst. Plain glass was considered a luxury and jewelry and small statues made of this material were very precious.

Glass making traditions persisted through the ages and expanded throughout Europe and the Middle East, evolving with modern technologies. Artisans started to perfect their art by understanding the components of many different types of glass and experimenting with these.

The original raw materials used to make glass are silica sand, soda and limestone. Looking for a way to perfect this recipe by adding different components, English glass maker George Ravenscroft discovered in 1673 that adding lead to glass in the melting process corrected a variety of imperfections and made the crafted pieces heavier, more durable and easier to cut. Lead crystal was born. Read more ... 


About Acquaclean

Have you Heard of Acquaclean?

Aquaclean® technology is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains from this upholstery fabric using water only, which simplifies upholstery fabric maintenance using minimum amount of time. Aquaclean helps to remove the majority of household stains (wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate, cream, etc.) making life easier and giving you more time for the more important things.

The Aquaclean treatment covers every single fiber of upholstery fabric with an invisible molecular layer, so even greasy, extremely high-pigmented substances or those containing protein can be removed easily. Aquaclean® puts those little every day mishaps in perspective. Be it coffee, cream, red wine or felt-tip pen, all you need to do is wipe your Aquaclean® upholstery fabric with just some clear water and a soft cloth. Just give the upholstery fabric a gentle rub, and your sofa will look good as new in no time-without the need for abrasive cleaning agents and costly stain removers.

The frequently copied, but never quite discovered secret of Acquaclean lies in its unique surface structure, created with the aid of state of the art nanotechnology, which makes the fabric absolutely resistant to almost all types of strain. Even greasy, extremely high-pigmented substances or those containing protein can be removed easily.



Choosing Upholstered Furniture

Modern manufacturers of upholstered furniture offer customers a wide choice of models, with many colors and shapes of any size. With such a variety of models, people often choose upholstered furniture based only on external characteristics. Of course, everyone has different tastes therefore we cannot advise you on the color or the shape, but we would be more than happy to tell you how to choose comfortable upholstered furniture. To not make any mistakes and get a reliable sofa or armchair we will tell you what details you should focus on; hoping that our advice will help you make the right choice.

Undoubtedly, upholstered furniture is one of the most important components in the interior of a room. It can be incredibly beautiful, bright and magnificent but it should, most importantly, be comfortable. When choosing a sofa, sit down on it in a familiar pose, relax and wait for a few minutes. Listen to your feelings; maybe the sofa will not be as comfortable as you thought, or it could turn out to be the sofa you were looking for all this time. Remember, you would not want to get up from a truly comfortable sofa.Read more...


Cleaning Leather                                                  July 3rd, 2013

Leather furniture has always been associated with wealth and luxury. Over the centuries, it was a preferred choice of Royalty and their Court for decorating the castles in medieval Europe.

Today, leather furniture is experiencing a rebirth as it is used to create new designs and its price is ever so affordable. The purpose of leather is universal: to create a pleasant atmosphere in a country house, an apartment, or an office.

Leather is durable and easy to maintain, its appearance depends highly on the quality of the handling. First, the animal’s fur and fat are removed, then the skin is cut into two layers: the upper, more valuable layer, and the lower, "split" layer, which is of a second-grade quality. Upper layer of skin retains its natural texture, while on the “split” layer the same texture can be created by embossing. Read More...



Fashionable Trends                                 June 24th,2013

Fashion Italy – an original icon of style known for setting world-standards on what’s in fashion. For centuries, Italian furniture-makers operated family-owned factories, manufacturing furniture of the highest standards of quality, often by passing down the traditions and secrets of the trade from generation to generation. The furniture would go on to be featured in the world-renowned exhibits in Milan; the brands would become instant-classics for home décor and accessories. EuroStyle is delighted to bring you all of the latest trends that have swept Europe off its feet, some of which are available in Canada for the first time.

"Eco Style"

Simply put, Eco-Style means having one or two items made from natural materials: wood, unprocessed leather, natural latex, or some type of stone. The colors should carry a hint of earthly-tones: chocolate, cream, dairy, and gentle shades of green. Modern furniture is designed to accommodate the anatomic features of a human body; it is not only convenient, but should help reduce the risk of scoliosis, osteochondrosis and even allergies. It should revitalize the body, relieve stress, and provide comfort, all while reflecting your style and personality; and this is no small matter, given that we spend almost 80% of our time in beds, sofas, and chairs.Read More... 


June 1st 2013

Last week was the SIDIM design furniture exposition, and this year we went all out! We had one of the biggest booths in the exposition and we were definitely the busiest booth in the entire furniture exposition.

All of us here at Eurostyle furniture are extremely passionate about uniquely designed modern European furniture. That's why we love the exposition, we get to show Montreal that we have the most amazing furniture at an extremely low price!

What really made us stand out this year was the furniture that we choose to show, we brought items from Rimobel, FAMA, Novalife and alot of Asfour chandeliers! Our Rimobel bunk-bed model got alot of love from all the young families that came through the exposition. What really impressed those young families is that you can customize everything within the bedroom sets. Colors, sizes and models all come exactly the way you want them! So if you have a tight bedroom area for your children then Rimobel Furniture is your solution. Eurostyle Furniture is Canada's exclusive distributor of Rimobel furniture, visit our website to discover more about Rimobel Furniture!

After our Rimobel Furniture impressed our guests, they were all blown away by our FAMA furniture!! FAMA furniture is the top european manufacturer of loveseats and sectionals, every part of their furniture is hand made and custom fit to your exact specifications. The best thing about FAMA furniture is that you decide the size the fabric and the color of your new furniture, nothing is impossible when it comes to buying a FAMA loveseat or sectional.

As usual, what got the most attention were all of our lighting fixtures!! We had chandeliers, wall pendants and unique ceiling fixtures. All of our lighting fixtures are of the highest quality and imported directly from europe's top manufacturers! Asfour chandeliers, Orion wall pendants and Swarovski  lighting fixtures all of which you can come see anytime in our store or even on our website !!

So if you missed SIDIM this year, then mark it down in your calendar right away for next year because we have big plans for next's years event. Eurostyle Furniture montreal will always be your best solution when it comes to finding unique high quality furniture!!


May 25th 2013

Currently EuroStyle Furniture Montreal has a huge booth at montreals biggest furniture exposition, SIDIM furniture exposition is world renowed as one of the best furniture expositions in the world! This year SIDIM started thursday May 23rd and will wrap up this sunday May 26th! Come by today to see our largest booth ever! We have furniture from all the top european furniture manufacturers!


Eurostyle Furniture Montreal is extremely passionate about quality furniture and we love showing off our amazing furniture every chance we get! We have been involed in many furniture expositions and we always impress everyone involed, even our competitors! This year we went all out, as you can probably tell by the pictures ! We had one of the biggest and definitely the busiest booths !! Its a great opportunity for us to really get the word out about the superior quality of service and furniture that comes with the name EuroStyle Furniture Montreal


Come check out our pictures @ http://eurostylefurniture.wordpress.com from Eurostyle Furniture Montreal !! Thank you to all the people who came by our booth and we are looking forward to seeing you in our showroom soon!!