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Welcome to EuroStyle Modern Furniture St. Catharines! Among all the furniture stores in St. Catharines, Eurostyle Modern Furniture St. Catharines stands out with its unique choice of modern European furniture and lighting fixtures with the best price-quality ratio.

In addition to an exceptional selection of stock models, Eurostyle modern furniture St. Catharines offers you a vast collection of custom furniture and lighting, where you can choose the colors and sizes of your modern furniture and lighting fixtures. It is a fascinating world of modern home décor that you will find in Eurostyle modern furniture St. Catharines.

You can visit European modern furniture St. Catharines through our website and you can count on top quality service from one of our interior design savvies, when you contact us directly. We are proud to offer one of Canada’s best modern furniture and lighting pieces which are different, stylish and gorgeous! We are Canada's experts when it comes to elegant high quality European modern furniture! The proof is in our showrooms! Come by to see us at Euro Style modern furniture in Montreal anytime!


Here at EuroStyle Modern Furniture St. Catharines, we know and understand that the perfect delivery of your modern furniture is a critical part of the purchase and we guarantee a supreme shopping experience by providing the best delivery service anywhere in St. Catharines.

EuroStyle Modern Furniture St. Catharines is proud to provide a free delivery to any major city in Canada. This offer is valid for a minimal order of 2,000.00$ and cannot be combined with any other offers. For more information, please contact us.

With EuroStyle Modern Furniture St. Catharines service, you can expect:

• Secure packaging and piling of your modern furniture St. Catharines pieces for safe travel

• Placement of your new modern furniture pieces in the spot according to your choice, when applicable

• Complete assembly and installation of every piece, if applicable

• Instruction on the operation of any items that require explanation

We receive our modern furniture pieces from our manufacturing partners in our Montreal Distribution Center. In this climate-controlled environment, the inventory is tracked, inspected & prepared for shipping. Eurostyle Furniture Montreal always makes sure to provide the most convenient, reliable, and efficient delivery for all your modern European furniture and lighting orders from Eurostyle Modern Furniture St. Catharines.



Our large selection of Modern Sectionals, Sofas, Loveseats and Chairs will surely allow you to find a perfect piece that will satisfy all your needs in terms of design, quality and comfort. For all your modern living room furniture needs, come and find an answer at EuroStyle Modern Furniture St. Catharines.


Either you're looking for that modern dining set, or a contemporary dining table on its own, we definitely have what you're looking for. EuroStyle Modern furniture St. Catharines has a vast choice of modern dining room furniture, including dining chairs, dining tables, buffet and side tables. You can also check out our dining room collection online.


Our modern bedroom sets are elegant, stylish and practical; they include matching nightstands, dressers and mirrors, and they are made according to the highest European standards. Take a pick in EuroStyle's Modern furniture St. Catharines bedroom sets collection online.


We have a fantastic choice of customizable funky kids’ furniture, from colored bunk beds, trundle beds, wall beds to full sets of kids study desks including book shelves, cabinets and armoires… All is available for your children’s room in a style that is always true to European Modern Furniture St. Catharines.


Your modern bedroom furniture should be accommodating and comfortable. With the rhythm of modern life, peaceful sleep is a must and in order to achieve it you must feel completely comfortable in your modern bedroom. It is a place where you have to be able to relax and rest. Choosing the right modern bedroom furniture will help you achieve such comfort.

Your modern bedroom furniture St. Catharines should not differ dramatically in style from the other rooms in your house, because as a whole your house must retain a similar style. It is necessary to sustain one style when choosing your set in our Modern Furniture St. Catharines Store.

When choosing your set in our modern furniture St. Catharines store, you have to go with something you believe is comfortable and fits well into your room. However your room must remain spacious, so you should not clutter it. According to modern home decor experts, each color has its own impact on people, for instance, green has a calming effect, blue promotes intellectual activity, and yellow increases joyful feelings.The colors you have chosen will play a major role in the final look of your modern furniture bedroom; therefore we will help you make the right choices at our Modern Furniture St. Catharines store.

Obviously the main piece of furniture in the modern bedroom is the bed. It will determine the style of the whole room. After deciding on the bed you should start thinking about the modern furniture that will complete your modern bedroom set. Modern bedroom sets usually consist of a Queen or King Size bed, a double dresser, a chest of drawers, and two nightstands. 

When choosing additional pieces for your bedroom in our Modern Furniture St. Catharines Store, you have to think about how much storage you need, and you have to be careful not to clutter your modern bedroom. Nightstands are very functional as they allow you to have all your necessary things by the bed. They can also be used to support table lamps, which some people use for reading before going to sleep.

As for the material of your modern bedroom set it can be either wood, metal or a combination of both, whatever suits your needs. Of course the main purpose of the modern bedroom is to provide you the best conditions for rest, sleep, and relaxtion; it is a private area, which helps us acquire energy for the next day. When choosing your bedroom set at our modern furniture St. Catharines store, opt for the models that make you feel comfortable.