Our European modern furniture store in Montreal, Euro Style Furniture, unveils a new brand in Bohemia Iris Cristal. The Company Bohemia Iris Cristal is a famous Spanish manufacturer of Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers. Their Collection of Lighting Fixtures is traditionally made of Bohemian Crystal.

The models of this brand are made of the famous Czech Crystal Elite. Their Crystal Chandeliers are made using a special technology mastered by the golden hands of their craftsmen. Czech Crystal really passed the test of time, it was loved and appreciated many centuries ago, and still today, its value remains unchanged. The secret of the success of Bohemia Crystal consists in the faceting of the crystal – it is filigreed, as if it contained a precious diamond. In addition Iris Bohemia Crystal scrutinizes the color and uniformity of the Crystal, processing the crystal such as to make it as shiny and glossy as possible.


At all times, Crystal Chandeliers decorated the rich mansions and royal palaces. Such a high standard for the production of Crystal Lighting Fixtures is kept at a high level with dignity and pride by Bohemia Iris Cristal. If you look at the play of Bohemia Crystal, there should be no doubt that the Crystal Lighting Fixtures of Bohemia Iris Cristal are a luxury in all its manifestations.

With great responsibility Bohemia Iris Cristal watches the over the production of their products, protecting each model with a unique serial number. Thanks to such a distinction Bohemia Crystal products are protected against forgery.


Today, Bohemia Crystal cooperates with a very well-known brand - Swarovski. They are engaged in a joint creation of models of Crystal Chandeliers that are true works of art. Their combined production can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Bohemia Crystal, is not just Crystal Chandeliers, Wall Lamps, or Table Lamps, it is a culture, a centuries-old culture of Czech Masters, transmitted from generation to generation that has its own distinctive style.

Euro Style furniture Montreal also has a vast selection of special order lighting options for customers with very particular needs. We have a large catalogue of Bohemia Crystal Fixtures that can be ordered in a variety of colors and shapes.

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