Design Services

Euro Style Furniture is a Montreal based modern furniture and lighting wholesaler and retailer. We represent numerous European companies in Canada exclusively, thus we understand how important “uniqueness” means for customers in search for modern and contemporary furniture. We would like to invite you to discover our website and to visit us in our showroom. We would be very happy to accommodate your needs based on your requests for style and quality and give you the most competitive prices.

Eurostyle Furniture Montreal offers an exceptional quality of furniture and with that comes our team of experts who if needed can offer you our design services. Our dedicated team of European furniture professionals are able to guide you through the whole process of purchasing the right furniture to create your perfect look. Euro style's team will be happy to help you discover our elegant furniture collections and will answer all your questions with great level of knowledge and competence about the European furniture universe. If you require one of Euro style's professional designers to take care of your entire furniture decoration process, we offer in-house evaluation with EuroStyle’s head professional to assess the situation and general guidelines drawn with the client. Once that process is complete, then our furniture experts get to work. Euro Styles' furniture experts will scour our entire inventory and all of our top European furniture suppliers, to find the perfect design for your home.

List of services we provide: 

  • Design consultancy
  • In-home evaluation of your space (measurements)
  • Floor plans of your space (digitally and by hand) 
  • Estimating project costs
  • Material recommendations
  • Creating a concept that is both appealing and functional
  • 3D simulations