Fashionable Trends

Fashion Italy – an original icon of style known for setting world-standards on what’s in fashion. For centuries, Italian furniture-makers operated family-owned factories, manufacturing furniture of the highest standards of quality, often by passing down the traditions and secrets of the trade from generation to generation. The furniture would go on to be featured in the world-renowned exhibitions of Milan; the brands would become instant-classics for home décor and accessories. EuroStyle is delighted to bring you all of the latest trends that have swept Europe off its feet, some of which are available in Canada for the first time.

"Eco Style"

Simply put, Eco-Style means have one or two items that are made from natural materials: wood, unprocessed leather, natural leather, or some type of stone. The colors should carry a hint of earthly-tones: chocolate, cream, dairy, and gentle shades of green. Modern furniture is designed to accommodate the anatomic features of a human body; it is not only convenient, but should help reduce the risk of scoliosis, osteochondrosis and even allergies. It should revitalize the body, relieve stress, and provide comfort, all awhile reflecting your style and personality; and this is no small matter, given that we spend almost 80% of our time in beds, sofas, and chairs.


Modern minimalism is not only the absence of all extra; it is about making efficient use of your available living space to allow for as much light and air as possible. Out with space-consuming sofas and bulky desks, in with efficient bookshelves, stylish storage platforms to maximize space, and chic glass-top tables to reflect light and illuminate your lodging the way it deserves.

A New Perspective of English Classics

The furniture of today leans away from the traditional English style. Top designers have come up with innovative solutions to accommodate living in today’s world. Color began to play a crucial role: by using bright and vibrant colors mixtures, you can breathe new life into your place, especially when combined space-efficient, elegant, and tasteful tables, chairs, sofas, and entertainment centers.

Luxury of the Renaissance Meets Modern Comfort

Elegance, glamour, grace, and attention to detail. The luxury of Italian interiors perfectly meshes with everyday functionality, as antiquarian pieces reside next to modern design in perfect harmony. When you combine the natural beauty of wooden shades with the rich colors of upholstered furniture, you invite an indispensable attribute of Italian style into your home.

Universal Modular

Modular furniture brings together different elements to accentuate the mood or features of a layout of any room. It is possible to make various compositions of modules and interchange their position to freshen the design. Sectional sofas satisfy a large variety of tastes, increasing or decreasing the dimensions of an apartment. Sofas can transform into comfortable beds to host guests without sacrificing space or taste. EuroStyle Furniture Montreal offers you this convenience at the push of a button (turn of a lever is more like it). Professional designers and architects in salons will help each client to get the most out of your living-space, help you pick out furniture, and accessorize any interior with the elegance and style of Europe’s top designers.