Furniture Rental & Home Staging

At EuroStyle Furniture Montreal we offer furniture rental and home staging services. Whether you want to de-clutter and stage your home to put it on the market or just create a new environment to live in, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you make the best out of your space!

At Eurostyle Furniture we offer different rental packages for each space in your home. Choose from our wide variety of contemporary, neutral, colourful, luxurious furniture to help furnish your empty space.

Our in store designers and consultants are always available to inform you about our services. In-home services are also available.

EuroStyle Furniture Montreal will deliver and install your rented furniture at a very reasonable price. The furniture is then inspected before and after the renting period and then Eurostyle Furniture Montreal's employees will disassemble and return the rented furniture.

So, when you are looking for furniture and accent pieces whether for home staging, condo development, business relocation, movie production or photo shoot, you will always find interesting, modern and elegant furniture available for rent that best suits your needs at Eurostyle Furniture Montreal.

What is "Home Staging"?

“Home Staging” is a technique of preparing, furnishing and presenting a private home that is on the market to sell with the goal and outcome of making it sell quickly and for its highest and best price possible. These staging techniques focus on improving a home's appeal by transforming it into a welcoming and inviting property. The concept is to attract the buyer’s attention towards the strength of the property.

"Staging is preparing a house for sale so the buyer can mentally move in" says Barb Schwarz, president of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

According to the RESA study, the average home spends approximately 5 1/2 months on the market. Staging your home could help reduce the time spent on that marked by at least a month. Statistics show that, once staged, homes spent 73% less time on the market. And homes staged prior to listing, sold 79% faster than those staged some time after being listed.


The important keys to Home Staging:

  • De-cluttering:

Creating a fluid and harmonized space can help the potential buyer visualize the space they will live in.
Removing certain elements in the interior can enhance the attraction and allure of the property being sold. Clutter may suggest that your home doesn’t measure up.
Clutter is just another perpetrator of distraction. It sends a message that there is a lack of space and that it isn’t big enough.

  • Cleanliness:

A clean house without any unpleasant odors create a more inviting and attractive environment.
It gives a sense of security to future and potential buyers if the property has been well maintained.
Updating the property:
It is important to complete any unfinished repairs and renovations before buyers visit and buy the property.
Eliminating any sign of aging of the property can give potential purchasers a sense of security as to what is expected in future.

  • Visualization of the space for potential buyers:

The buyer must see the real living area of your home. Most buyers have a hard time visualizing their furniture in an empty space. The idea is to maximize the use of each space by creating separate and distinctive areas, promoting empty homes feel colder, that is why it’s suggested that you stage your home accordingly to the space that is available.
A vacant home exhibits all its flaws. Sometimes too many slight imperfections might make potential buyers walk away from the property.

Repainting the interior of your home in warm or soothing colours is more attractive to the eye. Lighter shades help the buyers imagine their own items in the home.
Depersonalizing your home is important as it distracting to prospect buyers. It is essential to remove all personal items to create a sober and neutral environment.

What are the advantages of Furniture Rental and Home Staging?

Statistics prove that properties sell twice as fast with the help of home staging.
Staging a property makes it stand out from the other vacant properties available on the market and increases its chances of selling.
Home staging is the maximum results for a minimal investment. Present your home with luxurious and modern furniture at a reasonable price.
Home staging your property will save you months of waiting for it to sell and the stress and worry related to the sale of your home.
Renting furniture or home staging can generate faster offers that are better and advantageous than the ones you will get if your property is unfurnished.
Home staging is a smart investment. It will avoid reducing the price of your home and give you a better income.
Home staging gives a second chance to a home that has been sitting on the market for a long time.

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