Convertible Beds


Our modern and European furniture store in Montreal, Euro Style Design, offers a wide selection of children furniture and we also offer a selection of baby bedroom sets. You can browse through our selection of nursery cribs. These cribs are not ordinary cribs, but as your baby grows up they actually can convert into a set for a toddler. These cribs are safe and made to Europeans highest standards.

What this means is that you can choose amongst our convertible cribs which transforms into a regular bed, with a nightstand, shelving and more when your child gets older. This way you do not need to buy a brand new bedroom when your baby gets older. You are saving money by being efficient with our European modern furniture store based in Montreal, Euro Style Design. 


You can create your dream nursery for your baby that is not only beautiful, but is also safe and functional. You can choose in between a range variety of colors, of styles and of compositions that you can not just change, but also change its perimeters and overall dimensions. Our convertible cribs follow your child through every stage of life to help you better manage their growth as they get stronger and younger. From a baby all the way to their early years, our convertible cribs that you can find online or in our European modern furniture store in Montreal, they will not cease to impress you and make you raise your expectations.