Modern Sofa Beds

One of the major advantages of a modern sofa-bed is its multi-functionality: it is both a modern sofa and a bed; thereby it can be used day and night, which is an excellent option for saving some space. However, you must consider that not all of the modern sofa bed types are suitable for everyday folding and unfolding. When choosing a modern sofa bed, be proactive in the choice of the mechanism and quality of your furniture; this will help to insure the longevity and functionality of your couch bed in your home.

There are two main categories of modern sofa beds – Pullout Sofa Beds and Convertible Sofas.

Pullout Sofa Beds

Hide-a-bed couch bed

Triple-folding Hide a Bed: usually the most sophisticated sofas in terms of design have this mechanism. The folded modern sofa bed itself is usually made of lightweight metal and located under the seats. In order to unfold this type of couch beds, you must first remove the seats, then pull up the folded bed and then unfold it. The modern sofa beds with this mechanism are designed to be used more as a seating and occasionally – as a bed. Most of them do not have storage platforms.

Double-folding Hide a Bed: similar to Triple-folding one, but the mechanism it is more solid. In most cases, this modern sofa bed does not require the removal of the seats and it is suitable for regular use as a sleeping area.

The Foldout Sofa Bed

This modern sofa bed is an easiest way to transform into bed and it is especially designed for frequent use as a sleeper. In order to turn this couch into a bed, you need to just foldout the seating area. This model has the highest reliability among all couch beds; it is also a compact sofa when folded and a large bed when unfolded. This modern sofa bed comes with a built in mattress and allow that sleeper a comfort identical to the one of a bed.

Rollout Couch Bed

There is a sliding block located under the seat that is simply rolled out by pulling the strap and then lifted up to the level of the seat. This modern sofa bed has a flat surface once unfolded and it is quite easy to transform. One thing to keep in mind is the quality of the wood frame of this couch bed, since that is what the mechanism depends on.

Convertible Sofa Beds

Futon couch bed

It is one of the oldest mechanisms in the furniture market. It is traditionally considered to be one of the easiest to operate. Although this modern sofa bed can be hardly recommended for a use by a younger children or an elder person, since the transformation often requires a lot of strength. In order to transform this modern sofa bed into the sleeping position, one must lift the seat up until it clicks, then put it down to the level of the seating area. One major advantage of this couch bed is the compactness. It often features storage space under the modern sofa-bed. One thing to consider when purchasing this type of couch bed is how it is going to be placed in the room: there should be a space between the modern sofa bed and the wall, which is required for the conversion of the sofa into the bed.

Click-Clack Sofa Bed

This modern sofa bed is analogous to Futon. However, they usually come without arms. They work by pushing the back forward until it "clicks" and then pushing it down flat until it "clacks" and in reverse to put it back into the sofa position. This couch bed is easy to operate; and usually the back of this modern sofa bed is adjustable (has a reclining position). It also often comes with the storage underneath the couch bed.

Folding Sofa Bed

It is considered one of the most popular mechanisms for couch beds and it can also be considered one of the most reliable and long-lasting ones. In order to transform this modern sofa bed you must first roll out (or pull) the seating part forward and then flip the back part down. One major advantage of this sofa-bed mechanism is the easy transformation and a flat sleeping surface; often this couch bed is as comfortable as a regular bed. It also comes with the big storage space in most of the cases. And this mechanism does not require any room behind it to safely unfold.

Accordion Sofa Bed

The couch beds of this type owe their name to the triple folded back resembling an accordion, where the parts are are arranged like the bellows of a musical instrument. Just pull the edge of the sofa, slightly raise it - and a small sofa turns into a spacious sleeper. Simple and reliable mechanism allows you to easily operate this couch bed and it does not take up much space; it is very compact when folded.

Sofa Bed Maintenance
Keeping it fresh and new!

This modern sofa bed creates feeling of comfort while sitting and serve well as a bed to sleep on. There is not a lot of couch bed maintenance required; the consistency in cleaning and taking care of it will result in a new looking couch bed.

If the couch bed is leather, damp cloth will keep the surface clean; and if the modern sofa bed is fabric upholstered, vacuum cleaner will work best, but in lots of cases the fabrics are washable as well.

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