Sectional Sofas


Your custom modern modular furniture allows you to optimize your space. The custom order furniture come with completely finished sides in order to be able to separate your custom order furniture in a sofa and loveseat such that the corner is utilized when you need that extra space. Thus, your custom order furniture provides a lot of extra seating space by filling in the corners that are usually remain unused. Custom order furniture can even help your living room or family rooms seem more spacious by reducing a clatter, which is often created when you try to fill in those unused corners with unnecessary pieces. You might even be able to use your existing furniture pieces with your new custom order modern furniture.


Your custom sectional furniture can even serve as a guest bed in most of the cases. At Eurostyle Furniture Montreal store we offer a variety of custom order modern furniture that can double as a bed. This custom order furniture is not only excellent seating area to enjoy your family gatherings but is as well a comfortable bedding area. In order to choose a configuration of the custom order furniture that best fits your needs, first thing you have to do is measure your room and figure out how much space you have for your new custom order modern furniture. The custom order modern furniture can fit very well within a room and make it look bigger. At Eurostyle Modern Furniture Montreal, we can help you chose the right size for your brand new custom order modern furniture such that the room looks great!

According to the space you have designated for your custom order modern furniture, you can choose the perfect space. If the space for the custom order modern furniture is big enough, you can opt for more lounging and relaxing style by choosing a low seating sectional sofa with deeper and wider seats, such a style is often associated with the Mah Jong custom order modern furniture which we carry by the brand name Arianne and Arianne Love. You can consider using two or more fabrics for your custom order modern furniture; this is a current trend in high-end furniture. For a smaller space you can choose a higher sectional sofa with clean lines and adjustable headrests in order to visually save space, but still have comfort. This custom order modern furniture can be ordered in a bold color, to make a statement in your living room and can also be accessorized with glass coffee and end tables to complete the look without overloading your living room. At Eurostyle Modern Furniture Montreal, we can help you chose light, saturated colors to make the small living room feel like home. 

For an average living room space, you can decide for custom order modern furniture with wider seats, but which has clean geometrical lines and detachable or unattached back cushions. This way you will have a comfort of a lounge style living room and remain airy. Choose more neutral colors for the sectional sofa base and refresh the look with bold colored cushions and other accent pieces. 

At Eurostyle Modern Furniture Montreal you can find different types of sectionnals for your living room, but it is important that the contemporary sectional is right for you and your interior. Of course, first of all, the modern sofa should be chosen in terms of comfort because the more confortable you are the more you will be seating on your sectional. Sectionals are created in various styles and sizes, some are very big some are smaller, some are lower some are higher, some are narrower and some are deeper, here at Eurosyle Modern Furniture Montreal we offe all of those types in order to be able to maximally accomodate our client. 

Regardless if your living room space is big or small, the most important part of choosing a right sectional for your living room is to find a piece that would fit the space and allow you to move around it comfortably. In order to have a perfect custom order modern furniture that is totally suitable to your particular needs, please contact us or visit Eurostyle Modern Furniture Montreal and we can study your floor plans, your design preferences and the way you want to use your space; we will help you to create an optimal solution for the room you have and that will perfectly blend with the design of your home.