Mito Sectional

The mito modern sectional has many great functional advantages; the armrest can be regulated, so you can move it up and down, and the headrest can also be adjusted. Therefore you can accomodate this contemporary sectional to your own comfort.

When designing your modern living room it is essential to get the appropriate elements to create a warm, balanced, serene, and timeless atmosphere. The modern sectional mito can give you all of these characterisitics, that is if you pick the right fabric and color.

The Mito sectional is versatile and modern, therefore it will be perfect for you modern living room, using your imagination you will be able to achieve with Mito's help the design you were always dreaming about. This sectional wil surprise and impress you with every personalization you will make.

To complement your modern sectional you can add a modern armachair, or a chair and a puff.

The Mito Modern Sectional Offers:

  • A quality product Made in Spain
  • Different Choice of Fabrics
  • Different Choice of Dimensions

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