At our Modern Furniture Montreal Store, we have everything you’re looking for to complete your new modern living room. Whether you are looking for a modern or contemporary style, our modern furniture montreal store will create a comfortable environment that will be different from any other living space. Our large selection of Modern Sectionals, Modern Sofas, Loveseats and Chairs will surely allow you to find a perfect piece that will satisfy all your needs in terms of design, quality and comfort. Our modern sofas are made in your choice of leather or fabric which you can select from hundreds of swatches in different colors and patterns right here at our Modern furniture Store. Going for matching sets or combining several different pieces together, at our Modern Furniture Montreal store you will always be able to find a perfect design solution that will be aesthetically pleasing and provide great comfort.The comfort and durability of our furniture pieces are as important as their style and beauty. Our Modern furniture is made of the highest quality materials and therefore long-lasting and so gorgeously looking.


We are also very proud to be the exclusive distributor of Fama Furniture in Montreal which is a Modern Furniture Montreal Store. Fama is a Spanish manufacturer that offers a wide variety of modern living room furniture with the possibility of customizing the pieces to better fulfill your needs in creating your own perfect modern living room.

The first step in creating your modern living room is to decide about the atmosphere that you want have in this room. Will you be entertaining guests and want to depict a formal atmosphere? This can be created by choosing smaller, more elegant pieces while focusing on the individual seating and accessories such as an impressive and unique modern lighting fixtures and distinctive wall art. On the other hand, if the space will be used as a more casual living room and you want to create a cozy casual atmosphere, you should go for larger pieces such as modern sectionals, modern lounge chairs and recliners, and a modern entertainment unit can accommodate your television and other electronics as well as include storage space to keep the room clean and functional. A combination of both formal and comfortable modern furniture can also be created with the modern European style that is offered at our furniture store.

Choosing the layout of your modern living room will be the second step into completing your space. Depending on the size and shape of the room, many layout options are available to choose from. You can consider a modern three seater sofa or canapé along with a loveseat and a single chair, all placed perpendicular to one another with a coffee table at the center and side tables at the corners. Another choice would be to select two long sofas or two loveseats (depending on the size of the space) facing each other with the coffee table in between. A third configuration would be to choose a sectional sofa with a single chair and an ottoman, which can be used as a foot rest, extra seating, and a coffee table. An alignment of chairs and armchairs with side tables or ottomans is another option for the modern living room.Thirdly, you can choose the color scheme and materials you would like to have in your modern living room. Different shades of neutrals are a way to maintain sophisticated simplicity to a modern living room. However, you can also mix bold complementary colors to create more excitement to the space. A cross between both can also be a very nice choice, by making one large piece a vibrant color and keeping the complementary pieces and accessories neutral or having the main pieces such as the seating furniture and wall units remain neutral while all additional items in the room incorporate colors. Whether you prefer to go with leather or fabric sofas, it is important to select high quality and durable materials. The same rule applies for woods, lacquers and stains for your tables, wall units and storage pieces. All this can be done at our Modern Furniture Montreal Store, you can customize all your modern furniture exactly how you like it.

Any Modern living room is incomplete without proper modern accessories. To enhance an elegance of your living area, choose your accent pieces from our modern chairs, coffee tables, side tables and ottomans, which will be a perfect addition to your entertaining area. If your space is large and feels empty once all living room furniture is placed, a great way to fill it is to create a separate reading area with two chairs and a side table with beautiful lighting.