Eurostyle Furniture Montreal has a large selection of modern furniture imported from Europe. Choose from our extensive options of modern European dining room tables, chairs, buffets and display cases.

The modern dining room can be one of two things; it can be the main eating area for everyday use and occasional events with guest or it can be a separate, more formal space that is used for special occasions, when friends and family are invited for brunch, lunch or dinner. Whatever the case, your dining room set must be stylish, functional, and durable. 

With the highest quality materials from Europe, our tables will follow you from home to home. With several modern tables having an extendable option, the size of your table will accommodate the size of your room and guest list. You don’t have extra storage space for the extension pieces? No worries since most of the modern European styles have the extension feature with sections built within the table itself. From wood to glass top tables and high gloss lacquer finished tables, your taste will be met.


The dining room is an important space because this is where we eat; spend time with family, and friends. For maximum comfort and coziness in your dining room, it is important to choose the right dining room furniture pieces, such as the chairs, table, buffet, or other pieces at a dining furniture store Montréal.

Furniture for dining rooms and kitchens must meet many requirements such as: practicality and functionality. Another important component is the aesthetic aspect. The dining room must be furnished with the right furniture in order to be organized. Eating is an intimate process; therefore you must remember that the design of your room will affect your mood, and appetite.

A properly designed interior, with the appropriate dining room furniture will make your guests feel warm and comfortable. This kind of furniture can be found at a dining furniture store Montréal. The third requirement for dining room furniture is safety. Especially the type of material your furniture will be made of, but today modern technologies allow you to use the most reliable and practical materials. These kinds of materials can be found at our dining furniture store Montréal.


Consider the basic components of a dining room set; the table is the central piece of the dining room, it must be selected according to the space you have in your dining room, as well as the number of persons that you are planning to seat around the table, and of course its appearance. You can find your perfect table at Eurostyle furniture store Montréal.

In a small dining room it would be preferable to have a table with an extension; which in a closed state would accommodate all your daily meals, and in an open state could provide space and comfort for all your guests. Both of these models can be found at our dining furniture store Montréal. The main advantage of square and rectangular tables is their versatility. Depending on the design, the table can be placed in the center of the dining room, or pushed on to one of the walls.

At our dining furniture store Montreal we provide a variety of choices for buffets and Chinas.


Buffets and Chinas are still relevant today at our dining furniture store Montréal.In the classic sense a buffet is a dresser with doors, which has shelves inside. Sometimes there is an additional cabinet built on top, with glass doors, used to display selected items. Very often, the doors are not distributed on the entire height, and there is a distance between the bottom edge and the top of the pedestal extensions. This spot is used to expose the most necessary items. Buffets can be found at our dining furniture store Montréal.

Buffets also differ in shape and size at our dining furniture store Montréal. The best option is considered to be a two-or three-door china cabinet with glass doors on the top. At the bottom of this design there are usually a lot of drawers and shelves. Therefore, you can place there all kitchen utensils and small appliances.

Modern buffets are used in cutting-edge interiors. These buffets have a concise form, they are quite self-sufficient and do not need the presence of additional decorative elements. Usually they are made of lacquered wood. Manufacturers produce buffets in different styles, and with a variety of materials at our dining furniture store Montréal.

So, following our advice at Eurostyle Furniture Montreal, you can make perfect choices and let your dining room furniture bring harmony to your home.