This beautiful  modern dining room table  can be made out of the folloiwing elements: A glass or ceramic top, that can have many...

This beautiful  modern dining table  can be made out of the folloiwing elements: A glass or ceramic top (different shapes). The...


At our modern furniture store Montreal we take pride in our high quality dining sets, all fabricated in spain by different manufacturers. We have some from Angel Cerda, Nacher, and Franco. While most of these modern dining tables and modern chairs are customizable and have to be placed as a special order, we also have some in stock. 

If you like something amongst what we have on our floor, whether it be a modern dining chair or a modern dining table or even an entire modern dining set. We can sell you our floor models which are in great condition! We also have some modern dining chairs in stock so if you see a modern dining table you like, we can see what we can do for you amongst what chairs we have in stock to create the perfect modern dining set for your modern dining room.

As far as our options go for modern dining chairs, we have leather modern dining chairs, fabric modern dining chairs, modern dining chairs with chrome legs, wood legs, laquer legs, modern dining chairs of all shapes and colors. We are sure whatever it is you are looking for you will find at our modern dining store Montreal. 

Our options for modern dining tables include, glass modern dining tables, wood modern dining tables, ceramic modern dining tables, modern dining table with laquer wood or chrome legs. You can even match the legs of your modern dining table to your modern dining chairs. 

At Euro Style Design we will gladly help you create your perfect modern dining set and you can find it right here among our stock items.