Delivery Services

EuroStyle Furniture Montreal is proud to provide free delivery to any major city in Canada. This offer is valid for a minimal order of 2,000.00$ and cannot be combined with any other offers.

At Eurostyle Furniture Montreal, we know and understand that the successful free delivery of your furniture is a critical part to your purchase and we guarantee a first class shopping experience by providing the best free delivery service. EuroStyle Furniture Montreal provides a professional and friendly service of free delivery. EuroStyle furniture Montreal’s delivery team consists of highly professional and properly equipped furniture technicians, who have extensive experience in furniture delivery and always provide top quality customer service.

To ensure a good quality delivery, please review the following free delivery policies.

What can I expect during delivery?

A free delivery provided by Eurostyle is a standard ground delivery, which means the furniture is delivered to the first level of the house or, in multistory building, will be delivered to your apartment to the first level, using a freight elevator. The package removal and assembly are not included in a standard free delivery service.

Please measure your doorways to make sure your new furniture would fit through on delivery. Please notify Eurostyle furniture Montreal about any non standard features in your house or building (Examples: limited hours of access to your neighborhood, building or freight elevator, limited access to your home by large trucks, More than one flight of stairs, etc.). In this case, Eurostyle furniture Montreal will estimate eligibility for free delivery or the cost of delivery in advance. In case Eurostyle Furniture Montreal was not informed about any non standard features prior to free delivery, a re-stocking fee will be applied. The customer will be responsible for all delivery charges.

We will contact you by phone 1-2 days before free delivery to confirm the date and time frame. Deliveries begin at 8:00 am and continue until all scheduled free deliveries for that day are complete. For orders placed through the phone or by emails, an imprint of the credit card(s) used to place the order along with a signature and photo ID of the cardholder, may be required prior to free delivery.

A signature of a person minimum 18 years of age is required on all free delivery orders and that individual must accompany the delivery team into your home or apartment. A room, where the furniture should be placed, must be cleared prior to your free delivery. As well as driveways and walkways should be cleared to accept your free delivery (for example, snow and ice should be removed).

Please take a moment at the time of your free delivery to thoroughly inspect all the boxes. You may refuse to accept any damaged box by making a notation on the delivery receipt, but just because the boxes are damaged it doesn't mean that the item itself is. All furniture sold by Eurostyle furniture Montreal is warranted by Eurostyle Furniture Montreal. All products we sell are produced with excellent quality control, but defective items are occasionally occurred.

In most cases, defects are of minor nature and can be fixed at home by a professional furniture technician. In the event you receive a defective item, please email us images clearly showing the defect along with a written description so that we can assist you with submitting the claim to the manufacturer. Eurostyle furniture Montreal will repair or replace the item if the situation warrants. Eurostyle Furniture Montreal always makes sure to provide most convenient, reliable, and efficient service of free delivery for all the qualified orders.

What delivery services do you offer?

We offer three delivery options available:

1. FREE: This is a Basic Home Delivery which means the customer unloads the merchandise. The customer is responsible in unloading their furniture from the truck and into their home and may need help and assistance from friends or family members to carry them inside and help assemble the items if needed . The delivery personnel is not responsible for the disposal of all packaging, it is also the customer's responsibility.

2. $49.00 Home Delivery: This Home Delivery includes Power Tail Lift Service. In this service your furniture will be lowered to the ground level by the driver. To move the boxes from the truck to your home it is the customer's responsibility to bring the items inside and assemble them if necessary and you might need help and assistance from friends or family members. The delivery personnel is not responsible for the disposal of all packaging, it is also the customer's responsibility.

3. $79.00 - $349.00: This delivery provides Inside Placement Service. This service includes placement of your merchandise in the room of your choice by two delivery, but  only allows them to carry your furniture up two flights of stairs unless elevators are available. Every extra flight of stairs is an additional fee of $35.00. Any existing furniture will not be moved by the delivery employees, so please have your room ready and cleared. As for the assembly, you will be responsible if necessary.