Nowadays there is such a huge selection of lighting fixtures that selecting the right lighting fixture is not simple. It is first necessary to know that there are many different kinds of lighting fixtures out there. First there are different categories of lighting fixtures; pendants, ceiling lights, wall lamps, floor lamps, then there are two main styles; modern and classic, and finally there is the material used, crystal, glass, metal, or composite materials. In this article we will discuss classic lighting fixtures, or how they are more commonly referred to as Classic Chandeliers.

Classic Chandeliers are usually recognizable by their crystal components, their large size, and their beautiful appearance. These kind of lighting fixtures look extremely well in a large room with high ceilings such as a lounge. If your living room is not a lounge, and the height of your ceiling is of a standard size, then perhaps you shouldn’t decorate it with a massive Classic Crystal Chandelier, because if you do hang a massive Classic Crystal Chandelier, your room will look small compared to the oversized fixture. Therefore, Large Classic Crystal Chandeliers are perhaps not appropriate in a room with a standard ceiling height.

There is a common misconception to think that all Classic Lighting Fixtures must hang from the ceiling. Fortunately that is untrue; there are also Classic Ceiling Lights, as well as Classic Wall Lamps, and Classic Floor Lamps. This gives the opportunity for the lovers of the Classical Style to create original combinations. Therefore if you have a low ceiling, and you are a fan of the Classical Style, then a Classic Ceiling Light is the perfect solution for you. By choosing a Classic Ceiling light you will be able to have the Classic look you always wanted without making your room look smaller than it actually is. It is important to choose a Chandelier not only based on the design of one room, but on the design of the entire apartment, and on your tastes. Of course it can be difficult choosing the right Lighting Fixture; here at Eurostyle Furniture we are always happy to assist, and advise you when you need it.

When choosing your Classic Lighting Fixture you should pay attention to its power. The larger the room the more power you need. So if you are planning to make your Crystal Chandelier the main light in the room, then accordingly the Classic Chandelier must have more than one bulb, at least 6, or 8; of 20 to 40 Watts each. If you realize that you need more light then the Classical Fixture can offer you, but you specifically want this Classic Chandelier, and it is available in only one size. Then you can add to Classic Floor Lamps that will nicely compliment your Classic Lighting Fixture, and add more light to your room.

If you are lucky enough to own a luxury room with rich finishes and high ceilings there is only one possible choice for you, and that is a Classic Chandelier. Classic Crystal Chandeliers are not only the best way to cope with the challenge of creating high-quality lighting in a wide interior space, but they also emphasize the refinement of your interior.

Visually Classic Chandeliers are usually perceived as something quite massive.  However, this feature makes such chandeliers indispensable in those cases when it is necessary to create royal and luxurious atmosphere in a room.

Eurostyle furniture Montreal also has a vast selection of special order lighting options for customers with very particular needs. We have a large catalogue Classic design in European Lighting Fixtures and can be ordered in a variety of colors and shapes.