Murphy and Bunk Beds

Good design is not only for grownups… Our kids’ furniture collection from Spain features unique design and extreme practicality. Foldable beds, double beds, desks and storage options are available for your children’s room in a style that is always true to European modern and contemporary design.

All these European design children’s bedroom sets feature different options for assorted shelves, chests, drawers and desks in a perfect size for your little one. We also offer a collection of entirely customizable bedroom sets for children on special order. More composition and materials options are available in store for the perfect bedroom. Rich, bright colors and different textures create a mix of calm sleeping areas and dynamic environments to brighten their days and soften their nights with the unique touch of European design brought to you by Eurostyle Furniture Montreal.
A wall bed can help you maximize the versatility of a room and turn it into multi-functional space that could be used for accommodating guests, engaging yourself in your hobby, as an additional office area or simply make your bedroom more spacious during daytime. Not to mention that wall bed can be the only space saving solution when furnishing a loft.

Modern European Murphy beds are a great option for big families, people who often have guests, as well as for making a home office or hobby room more functional. It takes a regular mattress, so wall bed is considerably more comfortable for sleeping than a sofa bed.

Another great use of a Wall bed is in children’s bedroom. There is hardly ever enough room for kids to play in the house, so Murphy bed or folding bunk beds will provide additional space when folded.

Choose from our wide selection of modern European custom wall beds, panel beds, folding bunk beds that will provide a modern look and functionality with easy pull-down access. You can select from dozens of finishes available in many funky colors and different textures.

Murphy bed provides ample opportunities to transform the space. Not only young couples who live in studio are looking into acquiring wall bed; these are also parents of multiple kids who want to arrange a room for one or more teenagers. But also people who own large apartment or house show interest in wallbeds, as sometimes they cannot always accommodate comfortably an overnight stay for multiple guests. A guest bedroom becomes a quite expensive solution, even in country houses. A folding bed comes to help as it allows to turn either home office or family room or even a hall, into a bedroom.

Most of the wall beds have metal retractable legs attached to the base frame, which are usually small - so they are easier to hide. However they provide a good support because the other side of the wall bed is fixed within the box. This way the load on the legs is always directed vertically and eventually the wall bed will not become wobbly.

When choosing a Murphy bed which is perfect for you, you will need to think about following criteria:

-When design aesthetics are the most important

You need to find a supplier that provides customizable furniture with a lot of choice of different finishes in variety of colors. Rimobel offers you over a dozen of finishes in many different colors including fuchsia, apple green, bright yellow and red.

Moreover, the possibility of customizing a configuration that fits your needs the best way as well gives you the option of creating an original design that can be outstanding and unique.

-When you need to choose an optimal solution for your space

That’s when wall beds and trundle beds come to help. Murphy bed can be a horizontal or vertical. If you have a limited space that you would like to use maximally, choosing a right configuration of a folding bed will help you to get more functionality out of the space.

-When you are looking for strength and durability

It is very important to have a very solid piece of furniture, when choosing a folding bed or a trundle bed. Thanks to Rimobel solid industrial structure and constant innovation in technology, the company adapts quickly to the constant changes in the market and is able to offer the best quality-price ratio.

All the materials and mechanisms used by Rimobel are thoroughly tested and have solid structure that will make your Murphy bed stay in perfect condition for years to come.

-When Security is most important to you

To date, the folding beds (Murphy beds, wall beds) became a very safe product, thanks to the development of technology. With the only one condition: you have to choose a reliable manufacturer.

In order to have a piece that is totally suitable to your particular needs, be it a modern European custom wall bed, panel bed, folding bunk bed integrated into your home office or storage set up, or for your kids’ bedroom or any other space, please contact us or visit EuroStyle and we can study your floor plan and the way you want to use your space and we will help you to create a custom solution that would be optimal for the room you have and will perfectly blend with the design of your home.