Imported from Europe, EUROSTYLE Furniture Montreal is pleased to offer you high-end quality modern and contemporary furniture along with interior design assistance available in our showroom. We also offer a wide range of luxury lighting fixtures of different size and styles that will brighten up any space desired. Our unique lighting collection also consists of delicate Swarovski crystal that has been designed specifically to accommodate your interior.

EUROSTYLE furniture Montreal is a distributor for quality manufactured custom made European furniture. Our custom collection can be modified by size, color and configurations to meet your needs.  Whether you are looking for modern or contemporary high-end furniture for you home, EUROSTYLE furniture guarantees to offer you the very best European furniture in Montreal.  





Modern Living Room Furniture: Our large selection of Modern Sectionals, Sofas, Loveseats and Chairs are as comfortable and durable as they are unique. And to complete your living area, choose accent pieces such as chairs, coffee tables, side tables and ottomans that will help enhance the beauty of your space.  Our living room collection is made with high quality materials that you get to choose from.

Modern Dining Room Furniture: The dining room is an important space, it is important to choose the right furniture pieces, such as the chairs, table, buffet, or other pieces to maximize comfort and coziness in your dining area. With the highest quality materials from Europe, our tables will accommodate the size of your room and guest list with an extendable option that helps you choose its size. From wood to glass top tables and high gloss lacquer finished tables, your taste will be met. Browse our dining collection here.



Modern Bedroom Furniture: Our modern European bedroom sets which include beds, matching nightstands, dressers and mirrors are entirely customizable; choose your preferences in size, shape, color and materials. Our selected contemporary and modern beds features built-in storage that help reduce clutter and optimize the use of your space. View our bedroom collection here.

Modern Media Storage Furniture: We strongly believe that a living room space should be functional but also aesthetically appealing. Our custom storage solutions help you organize your belongings and redesign a stylish, practical and comfortable space. Choose from our different living room storage components, which can be customized in different sizes and colors and combined to satisfy your needs. Check our media storage collection here.






Modern Kid’s Furniture: We have a variety of customizable beds, storage and desk units to choose from. Standard beds, bunk beds, storage beds, foldable and murphy beds, desks and storage units all versatile and transformable so that in time, your bedroom set will change in appearance and functionality as your child grows. Come view our collection and get inspired here!

Modern Lighting: Changing the lighting of a room can transform the style and quality of the space. We offer a diverse line of modern European chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, table lamps, wall fixtures and sconces in matching modern and contemporary design. Most of our light fixtures are made in Asfour crystal, Swarovski crystal, bohemia crystal or even in a mix of chrome or gold finish with crystal. View our lighting fixtures here.