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Eurostyle Furniture Montreal is your key to high end, Modern and Contemporary Furniture straight from Europe. we provide Modern Furniture, Contemporary European Styles and beautifully unique design choices. discover our huge selection of Modern Furniture pieces at the best price for high quality items. our exclusive offers could change your home forever, either with matching funky colors, sleek designs and intelligent, ergonomic and comfortable elements of modern and contemporary furniture. 

BEDROOM FURNITURE - At Eurostyle Furniture, we try to provide the best quality and most unique looking bedroom furniture. We have the latest designs, coming all around the world; displayed in our Montreal Showroom. From classic to modern, you will find the perfect modern bedroom set you need. 

DINING ROOM FURNITURE - If you're looking for that 'out of the ordinary' dining table set, or a specific dining room piece, then you should definitely visit our website. Our showroom is full of modern dining room furniture; dining chairs, dining tables, chinas and buffets.

LIVING ROOM FURNITURE –We deliver all over Canada therefore you can be sure that we have the unique looking piece that you are looking for, whether it is a modern sectional, sofa , loveseat or chair, and taking into account our variety of products you can be sure that you will find what you need. Come and visit our Montreal Showroom.

KIDS BEDROOM FURNITURE – Our collection of Kids Furniture can be described with one word: unique. Manufactured in Spain, this company has choices in color, dimensions and designs. You will never see any furniture as flexible as this one. Bring your kids to our Eurostyle Montreal Showroom and let them decide on what kind of bed, desk or wardrobe they need.